A Family Holiday in Gozo

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When it comes to deciding about a family holiday, we all have one thing at heart – spending quality time with our loved ones in a delightful environment away from the hum-drum and routine of everyday life!

We all treasure the memories of having fun together as a family and this where Gozo comes into the picture. If you’ve been thinking about Gozo as your next getaway, you’re on the right track.  Gozo provides a rich opportunity to enjoy a holiday that encompasses different activities and interests that can be enjoyed by the older and younger members of your family.

Spend a day at the beach
Choose the red sandy beach of Ramla, the white grainy beach of Ħondoq, the pebbly cove of the Inland Sea of Dwejra or the waters of Xlendi Bay.  Let your little ones frolic by the water. Older children and teens can be involved in more exciting activities like snorkeling, kayaking, SUP or they can even get their first taste of diving!

Exploring the island
Discover the heart of the island and explore the town of Victoria.  Walk along the narrow-cobbled streets in the area close to Saint George’s Basilica and make you take a look inside this magnificently decorated edifice.    Close by to the town of Victoria, you can also take a walk in Lunzjata valley, a place where you will feel like you’ve stepped back in time.   As you wander around the various villages of the island, you will notice many churches and chapels.   If you like hiking, Gozo is a fantastic place to be and if you like more challenging adventures you can consider biking and abseiling. For a laid-back option, tour the island on a hop-on hop-off bus or take a ride on the trackless train.

A sprinkle of history and culture
Traveling with family is a great opportunity for learning. Gozo is steeped in history and provides plenty of opportunity to walk through a timeline.  Stand in awe at the wonder of Ġgantija templates, a World Heritage Site which is believed to be the oldest free-standing construction in the world.  Similarly, intriguing is the Citadel, a medieval fortress that watches over the island from the center.  When exploring this gem, start off your tour by visiting the Visitors’ Centre.  Follow the path along the bastions but do not forget that the Citadel also houses war shelters, grain silos, the Old Prison, various museums and the Cathedral and complete your tour with a visit to the ditch.   More history is in store when you tour the coast.  Gozo has a number of coastal towers that are open daily to the public. Some of them are a perfect fairytale setting at sunset and sunrise.

Join local celebrations
Being on the island of Gozo means mingling with the locals during colourful Mediterranean style celebrations.  Feast celebrations are a truly passionate fiestas of colour, music and fireworks where people throng the streets to listen to band marches, join the procession while celebrating the patron saint of the villages.  While the feast celebrations are scheduled throughout the summer season, the highlight of winter is Christmas and Carnival, both of which are elaborately celebrated in Gozo.

Booking you holiday accommodation with us is a guarantee of a stay in a unique setting that will let you enjoy a ‘real’ break.  Wake up in the morning to refreshing views of the valley and join us for breakfast on our terrace. Then you can head off for your adventures – whether that’s a day at the seaside, a stint at diving or touring the island landmarks.


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A Family Holiday in Gozo

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